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What to Do When a Dog Doesn’t Let Go

Dog bites have the potential to cause major injuries, emotional distress, and psychological ramifications, but some incidents may be difficult to avoid. The state of Georgia has specific laws regarding dog bites, and our team provides a helpful guide below.

Understanding Dog Bite Liability

Whether you have been bitten by someone else’s dog or you are a dog owner yourself, there are several laws to take note of.

Statute of Limitations

When someone is bitten by a dog, there is a limited amount of time that can pass before the case must be initiated. The period in which you must file a case in Georgia is two years from the date of the incident, and if it is exceeded, the court will most likely dismiss the case as “time-barred” unless a rare extension is granted.

Dog Owner Liability

Though one may assume that liability would only fall won the dog in question when observing a bite injury, there are instances in which an owner can be held liable. Owners can be held responsible if:

  • The dog is considered a “vicious or dangerous animal”
  • The person injured didn’t do anything to provoke the injury
  • The incident occurred by the careless management of the dog or because the owner allowed the dog to act on their own accord

These factors are all meant to help determine whether the owner of the dog was negligible or if they could have made actions to prevent the incident.

Defending Against Liability

The most common defense against dog bite liability is proving the injured person provoked the dog to perform the action. If this can be established, the owner of the dog may be relieved of all liability for the injury. Dog owners also have the ability to avoid liability if the injured person trespassed on their property, warranting the dog to take action.

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