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What Is A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Although filing for bankruptcy may be beneficial for an individual or small business, the process may be daunting without a Bankruptcy Lawyer. Those who file may not be prepared for dealing with courtroom proceedings that follow. Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you with this often complicated process.

What is a Bankruptcy?

Filing Bankruptcy can be complicated and confusing, especially for those going through it. Bankruptcy is the process someone or business will go through when they cannot pay their debts. Those that are owed the money will typically file against the person who owes. These court cases are always handled in federal court and there are different types of bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy can help you save your assets so they will not be used to pay back your debt. However, going through this process could also significantly lower your credit score. This could hurt you when needing to buy a home or get a loan. This process allows the person in debt a way to pay back their debt, as well as allow the person owed a way for repayment. Although bankruptcy will stay on your record for a period of time, it will give you a fresh start.

What Does a Bankruptcy Lawyer Do?

Those who are individuals or own a business and have accumulated burdensome debt, have a way out by filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcies happen every day. The most bankruptcies in 2011 were recorded in California, which had more than 240,000. While filling can take some of the burden off of your shoulders, it can also be a complicated and confusing process. A Bankruptcy Lawyers can provide you with a means of understanding these often daunting court cases, walking you through the process and providing you with legal representation.

Provides Sound Legal Advice

Court proceedings can generally be confusing and difficult to understand. There is often terminology that the average person may find complicated. This could lead to potential miscommunication or misunderstanding in the court. Since this is your life, you deserve to be aware of exactly what is happening. A Bankruptcy Lawyer has the experience to inform you about the facts of your case, helping to walk you through each stage in the process. They will determine whether or not you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy cases may not always be long and complicated, but they are most often always emotionally charged. These cases involve some of your most valued assets. Your professional bankruptcy lawyer will be able to tell you which ones. Their experience will allow you to construct a unique strategy for your case.

Keeps You Organized

When it comes to any court case, there will be paperwork and deadlines involved. Bankruptcy attorneys will help you stay organized during your court proceedings. Lengthy forms surround bankruptcy cases. Filling these out incorrectly or failing to meet deadlines could lead to penalties and fines, which could prolong your case. Your lawyer, once you provide them with the proper information, will be able to prepare these forms for you and help to keep you organized.

Professional Representation

Another benefit of bankruptcy attorneys is the professional legal representation that will provide to you. After you have filed for bankruptcy, you will be required to attend a hearing. There may also be additional hearings required of you, which could depend on your individual case. Your lawyer will be able to inform you of these hearings and help you to properly prepare, providing you with legal consult.

If you need someone on your side to help you with the ins and outs of your court proceedings, bankruptcy attorneys from an expert law firm are who you should turn to. The Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys at Holston and Huntley, LLC will provide you with sound legal advice, resources, and professional legal representation in the courtroom. Contact us today at .

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