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What Is A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Although filing for bankruptcy may be beneficial for an individual or small business, the process may be daunting without a Bankruptcy Lawyer. Those who file may not be prepared for dealing with courtroom proceedings that follow. A Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you with this often complicated process.

Considering Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Lawyers Have Solutions for You

Filing bankruptcy with a bankruptcy lawyer is one of the easiest ways to reorganize your finances and get back on your feet financially. Bankruptcy lawyers specialize in helping people find the financial relief that they need and to start rebuilding a brighter financial future.

Can I File For Bankruptcy If I Am Unemployed?

Becoming unemployed, or a cutback in hours, is one of the top reasons why many people file for bankruptcy. Being unemployed without a steady source of income is a tough situation for anyone. By law, you do not have to be employed to file for bankruptcy. However, if you are unemployed your job status can
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Does filing bankruptcy individually or jointly make more sense if you are married?

Whether or not filing bankruptcy individually or jointly is the best option for married couples depends on a number of factors. Legally, married couples can file bankruptcy together with one petition; a joint bankruptcy. Under a joint bankruptcy; all your combined property and debts are included. This may make sense for some couples. For others,
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Will filing Bankruptcy affect my employment status?

It’s normal to worry about will filing bankruptcy affect my employment status and who will find out about my bankruptcy filing. Many individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy also worry about the effect of the bankruptcy on future employment. They are typically concerned with if a potential employer finds out about the bankruptcy filing; will the
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Can you file Bankruptcy more than once?

It is not uncommon for an individual to file bankruptcy, and then need to refile at a later date. For instance, your plan payment under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy (a reorganization) may have been too large. Or you may have additional unforeseen circumstances such as reduced income that caused you to become dependent on credit.
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I am a small business owner and am having trouble staying afloat. Should I file a Chapter 11 | Chapter 13?

  I’m sorry to hear about your financial challenges. Running a small business can be tough in today’s economic climate. If you want to stay in business, there are three options under the bankruptcy code: Chapter 11, Chapter 13, and Chapter 7. However,  if you simply want to liquidate the business and don’t plan on
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Can I choose between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 bankruptcies are the two most common forms of personal bankruptcy in the U.S. They each have pros and cons, and which one is right for you depends upon a number of factors such as your income, assets, and debts. You can choose between the two forms of bankruptcy if you
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