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Rear End Car Accident

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Rear-end car accidents can cause long-term damage to all parties involved—especially if victims decide not to seek professional support. If you or a loved one have suffered from this type of car crash, do not try to tackle the claim for reimbursement on your own. Instead, immediately get in contact with our skilled Atlanta rear end car accident lawyers.

Even when you are in the midst of physical, emotional, and mental trauma from the collision, insurance companies may not be motivated to help you. Instead, they will seek to take advantage of your situation so they can avoid any lawsuits, rather than fairly advocating for your needs. At Holston & Huntley, our team is determined to support you against this injustice.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Car Accidents

It is important to know some of the typical reasons that rear-end car accidents occur. This will help prepare you for any lawsuits that may come your way. Your legal representative can also determine the right angle for getting you the reimbursement you deserve after an accident. Some of the most common factors that lead to rear-end car accidents include:
  • One driver going too fast – Speeding is extremely dangerous, as there is often no way to safely halt the vehicle in time
  • One car closely following another – If one car is tailgating another car that needs to make a sudden stop, an accident may be inevitable
  • One driver making a risky or unsafe lane change – Quickly changing lanes without warning or signaling can cause other vehicles to crash
  • Driving under the influence – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a common, tragic cause of an avoidable collision
  • Texting and driving – Using a phone can distract a driver from seeing what is ahead of them, effectively preventing them from avoiding hazards

Proving Liability in Georgia

Under Georgia law, anyone who has driven into another vehicle must always get out and offer assistance. However, the driver in the back of a two-car accident is not automatically liable to pay compensation, which is why it is necessary to document in detail every injury you have suffered.

You can use others’ eyewitness accounts and testimonies as well, but it is especially helpful to get the official copies from the police report, as this adds authority to your claim. Photos of skid marks, debris, and the damage of both cars, taken from all angles, are critical. Finally, make sure to take images of your own physical injuries, as well as injuries of others in the car, to help support your claim.

Major Injuries from Rear-End Car Accidents

Common injuries include pain in your neck, back, and legs following an accident. Many victims also suffer from strained muscles and bruised skin, along with concussions. Some individuals even sustain brain injuries, internal bleeding, and disc hernia issues. Even if you do not feel severe pain right away, you should always seek medical attention immediately after a collision. Victims of car accidents may not feel the full effects of their injuries until hours or even days after the incident.

Seek Compensation with Experienced Support

Here at Holston & Huntley, our highly qualified Atlanta rear-end car accident attorneys are determined to help you obtain maximum compensation for your trauma—not just in the form of medical treatment for physical injuries but for mental and emotional stress. We also help you gain support for lost income and wages due to the accident.
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