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Since 2009, our legal team at Holston & Huntley has handled more than a thousand bankruptcy and personal injury cases in Atlanta and surrounding areas. These practice areas go hand in hand, as financial hardship is often the result of a sudden accident or loss. Whether you’ve come to our firm for help with crushing debt or a personal injury claim, you can trust us to treat both you and your loved ones with the respect and empathy you deserve. The culture at our firm is warm and welcoming, but we never hesitate to fight aggressively for our clients’ rights when that’s what they need.

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Our Bankruptcy Services

Are you looking for relief from overwhelming debt and unrelenting collection agencies? Our attorneys can determine whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the debt-relief solution you need. We can also help you decide whether to buy a home before, during, or after your bankruptcy process, explaining the risks and advantages of each option. If bankruptcy is not right for you, we can help you explore other options, such as debt resolution.

Our Personal Injury Services

Unexpected events can leave us with serious injuries, substantial medical bills, and even the loss of a friend or family member. Our team can help you file a personal injury or wrongful death claim that can secure the damages you need to cover these costs and compensate for your pain and suffering. We can also help you take the right next steps after an accident, as every move you make can affect your likelihood of winning a claim.

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