If You Were In A Truck Accident-You Need A Truck Accident Attorney!

Your trucking accident case needs the attention of a truck accident attorney! A truck accident attorney has the skill set to help manage your case and ensure your rights are protected. This is not something you want to fight on your own or by using the company’s lawyers.

After a truck accident you will be dealing with insurance adjusters, your job, attorneys for both sides and you are often left stuck in this gray area without any support at all. Your injuries are not the priority, protecting the trucking company is.

Car/truck accidents are one of the five most common types of personal injuries along with medical malpractice, product liability, wrongful death and premise liability. It is a fairly common occurrence and there are laws in place to ensure you are protected from absorbing medical costs and more.

You Deserve Support

Truck accidents are often caused by faulty equipment that is out of your control. A truck accident attorney has the power to get down to the bottom of things and figure out what exactly went wrong. As a driver, you have certain rights after an accident. A truck accident attorney can make sure that your rights are protected.

If you were the driver of the truck and sustained injuries you deserve to get the care that you need. You also deserve compensation for your injuries. Your employer may be putting you under pressure to get back to work as quickly as possible. A truck accident attorney will ensure that you have the right to stay off the job as long as the doctor requires.

Don’t Give Up Your Rights

It can get complicated when you are a truck driver that has been involved in a truck accident. You have to worry about the future of your job, paying bills and dealing with the medical problems. This is not a journey you want to take on your own.

Insurance adjusters and lawyers for your employer can get pushy. They can do everything in their power to convince you to settle for a lot less than you are entitled to and coerce you into making statements. DO NOT do it.

A truck accident lawyer can help you to make the right decisions now and for your future. Before you talk to anyone be sure that you talk to a lawyer that can help you make the right choices. Giving in now for fear of retribution from your job can have long term consequences when it comes to your health.

Call Atlanta truck accident attorneys, Holston & Huntley, today at 1-844-422-8339 to get the support that you need!

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