Can You Afford Bankruptcy Attorneys Fees?

There are many people that file bankruptcy each year, and take advantage of the expertise of a bankruptcy attorney. As a matter of fact, almost 13 million people filed bankruptcy between 2005-2017, and most used a bankruptcy attorney.

Filing bankruptcy can help to give you a fresh financial start. More people would take advantage of what chapter 7 attorneys have to offer if they knew that bankruptcy attorneys are more affordable then they think.

How Can I Pay An Attorney When I Am Broke?

Clearly if you are considering bankruptcy you are struggling with financial problems. If you are like many consumers one of the things that are stopping you from taking the action that you need to get that fresh start is worried about the cost of a bankruptcy lawyer.

When you consider how much you save by filing with a bankruptcy attorney, you’ll be able to fit the fees into your budget. Atlanta consumers have trusted the bankruptcy attorneys of Holston and Huntley with their bankruptcy with their cases. An Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer can be more affordable than you think. Consider the following:

  • Once you file bankruptcy you do not have to continue to make payments to credit cards, car companies, mortgage companies. If you file a Chapter 13 you will have to start making one payment a month but it will be less than what you are paying right now.
  • Many attorneys offer payment plans that will fit into your budget.
  • There are ways to make filing bankruptcy more affordable. The Atlanta area bankruptcy attorneys at Holston and Huntley can show you how.

A chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney or a chapter 7 attorney can help you to free yourself from suffocating debt. Once your case is filed, an automatic stay is put in place. The automatic stay bans creditors from contacting you and making any collection attempts. It also means that you do not have to make payments.

Filing bankruptcy can free up your income to pay an attorney. Getting a fresh financial start begins with paying a competent and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney to file your case.

Don’t Make A Decision Until You Speak to a Bankruptcy Attorney

If your debt is becoming overwhelming it is time to get help. Do not just assume that you will not be able to afford an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Call the attorneys at Holston and Huntley at 1-844-422-8339 (Ga-Buddy) or contact us online. You’ll be glad you made the call.

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