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Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys

When financial problems arise, selecting the right bankruptcy attorney in Georgia can make all the difference. We are qualified, experienced bankruptcy attorneys, protecting your rights while providing affordable legal services and obtaining results!

We get to know our clients on a personal level, learning about your needs and goals first so that we can better help you. With this knowledge, we aggressively assert your legal rights and work to get the best result possible, so that you can get out of debt and on with your life.

At Holston & Huntley LLC we view your problem as if it were our own, which is why the success of this firm is intertwined with your satisfaction. Here at Holston & Huntley LLC we are focused on the pursuit of justice while striving to achieve results that exceed your expectations. We believe in not only a high level of legal representation but also a feeling of service and caring. This perspective assures us that you will leave our office feeling victorious, no matter the outcome of your case.

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

Along with our bankruptcy and debt relief services, at Holston & Huntley, LLC, we also represent personal injury cases. We dedicate ourselves to protecting the rights of our personal injury clients and maximizing recovery for auto and trucking accident victims, as well as pursuing wrongful death actions throughout Alabama and Georgia.

The goal here at Holston & Huntley, LLC, is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. The professionals at Holston & Huntley know that we have a significant impact on the health, happiness, and financial security of our clients. It is our honor to serve our clients in their moments of need — whether with our legal expertise, or with our time and compassion. We do so with a dedication to excellence, responsiveness, and compassion — and always with a sense of humble appreciation for your trust.

Locations of Service

Although headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Holston & Huntley, LLC, provides legal services throughout the states of Georgia and Alabama, including but not limited to Metro Atlanta Georgia, Athens Georgia, Macon Georgia, Columbus Georgia, Augusta Georgia, Valdosta Georgia, Albany Georgia, Birmingham Alabama, Montgomery Alabama, Mobile Alabama. Through teamwork and experience we are able to offer innovative and effective solutions that align with our client’s objectives.

Whether you need an aggressive lawyer in court or a skilled negotiator for a settlement, we can provide the customized, experienced representation you deserve. At Holston & Huntley, LLC, you are guaranteed to receive the individualized treatment your case deserves. We set our standards high and take pride in providing the results you seek! You are under no obligation to pursue a lawsuit with us, even if we conclude that you have a valid claim. We look forward to serving as your counsel! Call the Bankruptcy Attorneys protecting your rights at 1-404-474-2970, 1-844-GA-BUDDY, or contact us online.

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