Auto Accident Law – How Does It Affect You After An Accident?

An accident lawyer is a lawyer that focuses on auto accident law. An Atlanta auto accident law firm can be your best ally after an auto accident. Getting the support you need after an accident is critical to protecting your rights.

There is a lot to contend with after an auto accident. Trying to navigate the auto accident laws and how they affect your case; should not be something you have to contend with on your own. An Atlanta injury law firm can help.

Georgia is Not a “No-Fault” State

Many states in the United States are considered “no-fault” accident states, but Georgia is not one of them. Basically no-fault means that sometimes there is an accident that is no one’s fault. Icy road conditions, bad weather, and other circumstances involving car accidents in no-fault states mean that no one is charged with the accident.

In Georgia someone is always at fault during an accident. That means that the police have to determine who’s fault the accident was which of course can affect the outcome of the accident case.

It is important that you have accident lawyers on your side to help protect your rights after a car accident. There is something called the modified comparative fault rule in Georgia that can greatly affect your case.

Modified Comparative Fault Rule

However, if you are in an accident in GA and it is determined that your responsibility for the accident is more than 50% you can be prohibited from seeking damages from the other parties involved. Contrary to other states, you can be 99% responsible and still seek damages from other members of the accident.

In any car accident in Georgia the first step for authorities is figuring out who is “mostly responsible” for the accident which is why it is so important that you contact an experienced Atlanta auto accident law firm as soon as possible.

Protect Your Rights to Compensation

An accident attorney is your best resource for understanding the auto accident laws in Atlanta and how they will affect your rights to compensation and recover damages. This is not something you want to navigate on your own. Call the Atlanta accident attorneys, Holston and Huntley 1-844-422-8339 (Ga-Buddy), or contact us online to get help today.

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